Question 6 in a series of Q’s and A’s concerning the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults (ICCA).

Question 6:

Why did the Irish Episcopal Conference choose to adapt the USCCA?

Answer 6:

The Irish Episcopal Conference chose to adapt the USCCA because at the time of engagement with the North American Conference in 2008 the USCCA was the only National Catechism based on the CCC available in the English language. After the 1875 Synod of Maynooth the ‘Maynooth Catechism’ was published in 1882. Many older Irish Catholics will remember this school book as the “Green Catechism”. It was a pioneer at the time and supplied many of the Q’s and A’s to the ‘Baltimore Catechism’ which was used in North America. Given such historical cooperation between the two countries it was not surprising that the North American Bishops gave permission for the Irish Episcopal Conference to adapt the USCCA for use in Ireland.

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