Question 9 in a series of Q’s and A’s concerning the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults (ICCA).

Question 9:

Is it envisaged to produce any supplementary materials in order to aid people engage with the ICCA?

Answer 9:

Supplementary materials are always useful when engaging with a new publication. Every chapter in the ICCA refers the reader to the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ (CCC). Therefore having access to the CCC will be a help to anyone who wishes to seriously engage with the ICCA. As mentioned previously both the ICCA and SGN (the National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland) both deal with faith development in the Irish context and so SGN would be invaluable regarding faith development in all its various moments and possibilities.

To aid specific engagement with the ICCA a ‘Study Guide for the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults’ has been prepared. This Study Guide provides scriptural references, catechesis, suggestions for further reading and study etc. and should be beneficial in an individual or group setting.

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